June 30th, 2008


me and the kids

for the 125th stop
the 1 train goes Overground
... the ground drops out below it
looking out the west windows
you can see a beautifully arched bridge
beautiful... and oppressive UWS architecture
and when I was heading down today at 7pm
you could also see the glarring setting sun
flashing through those buildings

A group of young kids
stared out that window
and made a Chorus of
"Ahhhhh!" at every breakthrough

it made me feel good to know someone else besides me appreciated that view

.... me and the kids


I was talking with jackie about my idea of opening a bakery here in the city

not because I would love to bake so much
but I would love to have daily access to those pastries and breads I enjoy so much in various places in europe

she's totally bent on me being an acupuncturist
have to go school

she listened to me
then said
" you'd rather do that than be a healer? "

I can only do one?

so I've been thinking about it

and is yummy pastry healing?

is sucking off 8 fat sweaty hairy men healing?

is dancing naked around a fire healing?

I don't want to be a Healer

I heal
I aid in healing

but the world doesn't want to be healed
I Know that
I've seen
I've pushed
I've listened

there are a million stories to be played
and they are all as valid
so why be so obsessed with people playing the game of " I wanna "
and shooting themselves in the foot all the time?

yeah I was born of these people
and you can throw a dime and hit a thousand if them

but I'd really really rather camp with the kids who enjoy life
and living

and living