June 1st, 2008



in 1978 i was born
this day affects me

some say i am a Gemini
some know i was born on the same day as Marilyn

i like the idea of growing
i do my best to work with the energy of changing

years ago
when i started studying astrology
i learned about this thing called "progressions"

in astrology
for every year you are allive
your chart progresses about one day
in the ephemeris


June First, 1978
the sun is 10º Gemini (in tropical astrology)
so June Second, 1978
the sun is 11º
and the rest, it moves too, but at different time frames
you can see in an ephemeris...

when i started studying astrology
i learned about the Saturn Return
which happens, generally, every 28 years
- i always associated that with Becoming a Man (or, rather, grown-up)
more than i ever thought 30 would
But, to be admitted, the number 3 is a bit more powerful, one might say
1 is the most powerful, but the lonliest
2 can be a nightmare, always being a reflection, always being a consort
but 3 is lucky, it's magical
not just boring and conformist
this working towards the fourth decade

So, i feel i've gone through the initiation to become, finally, my own person
though that process, i gather, won't be complete until i am 33
so they say

more numbers and time games

but my progression is now in sway . . .

in the year 2001
i became "23"
and shaved my entire body
every day
for 23 days
until i was 23
and also, my sun had crossed the threshold, that year, of being in
Cancer instead of Gemini

now i'm 8 years into that
growing into not only my own Father, but Mother too
being able to give myself my own shelter and nourishment
a new project

so this year, my birthday is complete on July 1st
i will have a birthday party then
if you're reading this
you can come
just comment if you'd like to
and i'll let you know the details as i know them. . .

my idea, though
is to meet up here near the place that i live
and walk around all the beautiful "forests" of northern Manhattan
then come back to my apartment
and eat
and drink
and talk

on a Tuesday evening. . .

thank you all for being here

a day at the beach

there is a "beach" in my neighborhood
this is the first time I've come out here to lay naked on the rocks

so thick and green
the crashing waves
and planes
and the men walking through the brush..,