May 30th, 2008


my Friend

my Friend

I want to interract with other Gods
not the love story

are you smarter?
do you see I wish to be the belove'd?
yet I am too angry and close to my father to let myself lay down beneath you
if you wish to be my lover
you must tame me
--and I Will fight you

you must be a pillar of Heaven
and respect me as one also

for I have no interest, myself
in taming another right now
nor do I care for progeny with someone who easily submits

perhaps my destiny is to create a house with other strong pillars
a new house to live in
then creation can happen
in a safe arena...

all the fat men in NYC

While I'm fasting
all the fat men of NYC
are even more apparent
more alluring
more grotesque
more terrifying

I want them to share
I'm so hungry
I want to eat them
I state at them in wonder and amazement..

... this guy is little!
I've seen such giants today
but not in a way to capture them
... so huge ...