April 25th, 2008


From: Stuckey's, Southern VA

Did I mention I was leaving NY again?
J&i on a bus to Nashville
J is marvelling at the Americana
( many pictures will follow on his blog when we return May 5th )
He said
"it's so exotic! it's like being in Turkey... or Istanbul... or

... if only.

but he took pictures of everything from the gambling machines to the
jumbo peacan log rolls to the discount drug rugs...

this is the only photo I took;
he was shocked

but does he know how good it feels to have a smoke and a dump?
we can't deprive our truckers of that


Come hither... & Eat me

this is a long bus ride

but I bought this purple thing at the Ruby Bakery near 96 East Broadway
I highly recommend you all go out and buy a million of them
it's my favorite thing ever

I love eating purple
it's dense and flaky
not too sweet
and filled with red bean

aren't even to Knoxville