April 9th, 2008


Voice Post: Stop IT! You're in Public! (voice post)

532K 2:42
“i'm gonna start this by saying, ___,
my last day in san francisco; maybe my entire time in california
made me feel so desperate and sad
and lonely
and Terrible
that i responded by ravenously becoming a cock hound
and, ___, i had sex with someone the day i was leaving san francisco
and it was Terrible
-- in case your reading this
it was So Annoying
and - uh- or hearing this
i got back to new york
posted Three ads on craigslist
and tried to have as much sex as possible
and, in fact, just spent the last few hours having sex with an old trick of mine
who is a huge gigantic monster
which is Hot, you know, he's just a huge gigantic monster

i'm running down town
i mean, i just got off the train
i'm running down town to see an old friend of mine
who i house-sat for over the summer
who lives on LeRoy street
and i ended up sitting down right next to a man who was singing and humming and talking to his self
and smacking his lips while chewing gum
and i'm trying to read a book
and to me
i'm just like
this is So Fucking Annoying
- i've been wearing ear-plugs
the last few months in new york
whenever i get on the subway
when i'm not wearing headphones to listen to music
- well i love being in new york
there's just so many grating noises
but i'd never been annoyed by a Person like this before
i was like shutthefuckupshutthefuckupshutthefuckup
he was singing...
and they were just dumb pop songs
like something like mwamana (singing) "baby... baby..." (singing)
___ but what was better was there was this woman on the train in a wheel chair
and at 145 st he said "do you want to get off at 125th?"
and she was like ".no."
and he was like "well wheredoya wanna go?"
andshewas like ".i don't know."
so they were just riding the train
not to go anywhere
but just to get out of the house maybe
she was a very old lady
he was probably her son
so we're riding
the entire ride down to west 4th street
coz eventually he starts barking at her "where do you wanna get off? where do you wanna get off?"
and he lists all the next stops like
and she decides on 4th
so we're getting off at the same stop

while we're riding down occasionally she'd just go
"oahhhh! (howl noise)"
and he's say
Stop It!
Stop IT!
You're in Public!
Stop It! Bark at her
this scared old lady
and what were they doing?
just sitting on the train
and she'd occasionally just go
(howling noise)
like kinda an operatic wail
like and operatic desperate wail
of a crazy old lady
and her crazy fucked up son
and it was so irritating
but also really magical
and Life
you know
just beautiful
.. anyway
there you go

[all of this said with a smile]”

Transcribed by: dominicvine