March 24th, 2008


I will sleep well tonight

I lay on the lava stones and let the sea wash over me

I'll be asleep soon

perfect timing

3am in New York is 9pm in Hawaii
and isn't that a more civil time to head to bed?

on the wake of the sun

... after nearly 11 hours of sleep...

I feel groggy
but I'm coming to ...

there are cats everywhere
citrus fruit carpeting the ground

jump in the ocean?
walk around the farm?

go find the Internet to post the stuff I prepared on the plane?

... I know it's around here somewhere...

but the island gives a prevading sense of Laze...

I just want to get back in bed
but with so many options...

owl -London Vyner

i got a new camera

(in other news)
i got a new camera. a Sony w200
i'd wanted it for a while
and had been playing the ebay game for over two weeks once i decided to get it

got a "store" version for less than $200
this was one of the pics that was in the internal memory

(some pics i took are available at flickr by clicking this picture... they're of the forest in my neighborhood and Jorge... mostly...)

try before you buy
river mench


I know, i've still not journaled about it
and i posted a few vids at youtube a while back
but i just got all the pics up on flickr today

you can see the full set (for those of you not on my friends list there, there are many that are "hidden" because they contain nudity) by clicking here