March 22nd, 2008

cigarette kidd

I want You. . .

Sorting through things...
as I get ready to leave New York again
two weeks
ten days in Hawaii to get the stuff i left there
use the other half of that ticket
then fly back into SF with Leo to spend a day there
then two days up at the Hermitage
to get some stuff from there

that's pretty much the last "stuff" i'm re-collecting for my house...

and my house is coming together
though my computer has been failing
- anyone want to donate to my "new computer fund"? -

even there, things are coming together

i've almost got all of my music onto one hard drive (about 400GB right now)
so i'm starting to make mixes for Jorge
and hearing songs i've not heard in ages...

anyone remember Marion?

i listened to their album "This World and Body" today for the first time since i was... 15? 16? maybe 17...
'95 (the kids are alright)

some of the old hits i enjoyed hearing again
but my favourite surprise was this one:

Marion -- My Children (mp3)

i love his singing style
though it all seems a bit silly now
i remember thinking this song (and many of their others) were so great
because at that point in my life
i didn't believe anyone in the world actually loved eachother
"Love" was just some sorry euphemism for the shame, boredom and loneliness that kept people together

i'm so glad to have grown out of that
it's still a fun song

.. i hope to post more music here as time goes on
but if any of you are in on a saturday night...

It was the Glory of the 80's...

Last week (well, over a last week ago)
I was to meet up with a friend (of a friend) at the East Side Club

Been there?

it's candy land for me
so many nice ole fat old daddies
furry and maybe a big confused
maybe sexy, maybe wondering...

well, i had a date
and Jorge called right before i headed up there
-- he'd never been there
so i invited him along for adventure

it was a day, for me, where i ran into people i'd not seen in a while
while walking around Chelsea
saw a lover of a guy i haven't seen in months
so walked up to his apartment

so i guess it was fortuitous
that when we got to the club the "radio" station they had on was all New Waves
maybe it was "greatest hits of the 80's"
or maybe it was just called "Glories of the New Wave Scene"...

That's what Jorge thought it was
slightly amused by the men
but greatly enthused by the music
he hunted down the videos for all the songs played that they
and i helped him post them in his journal

if you're thirsty for all the youth and glories of kids twenty years ago
walking through the dimly lit grey halls of a house of sex hounds
you should Follow This Link To Jorge's post to enjoy 40 videos you might not have seen [ever] in a while.