March 12th, 2008

blue hand

cold boy, not dead yet

as i walked up to the bus shelter
a guy was "slinking" away
cat eyes
carrying a big sailor's sack

i saw a boy passed out on the bench there

was that his sack?

his wallet chain dangled conspicuously low

did that guy just empty it for him?

poor fool...

cat eyes asked me if i could see the bus coming
i said 'no' and off he slunk

but the schedule said it'd be here in...

two minutes.

i looked at the kid

young... college?


green (olive) corduroy jacket
little green beanie
slumped over
some drool on his navy blue scarf.

i saw the bus just on the other side of fifth avenue
so i said to him
' Hey! the bus is coming, get up '

not wanting to him to have to wait for another one...
or sleep the whole night passed out here.

no response

so i grabbed his hand to pull him up
and it felt frightfully cold
i checked his pulse
there still was one

so i put my arms under his and tried to pull him up

he didn't quite open his eyes
couldn't say anything
just a slight grunt
... like he couldn't breathe
and green fluid spurted out of his nose...

enough to know he was alive
but he was unable to respond

he poured off the bench to hit the pavement
but i caught him
and shoved him back
into his curved slump


the bus pulled up and opened its doors...

i glanced
and stepped away onto the bus
paid my fare

and told myself i'd make sure he wasn't still there in an hour when i came back by after having a drink at nowhere...

but. . .

he was so cold
and that gasp..

so i thought a moment:
was it an emergency?

but i couldn't just let the kid fucking freeze to death
or choke on his spit

so i called 311
talked to some guy
who connected me to 911
talked to some lady
who connected me to an ambulance dispatcher

of course
i had to repeat everything
but surprisingly few times

and when i went back by
and hour and a half later
he was gone

did he see me when i lifted him up?

is he at home (?) in his bed?
or in a hospital somewhere?

was it G or H or just drinks?

did he choke or freeze or get robbed?

what's one college kid more or less?

hope he's alright.. wherever he is.
wiped out

trimm trab


i got my style

i take my time

All these Losers...
on the piss again

i doze

doze away

that's just the way it is

just the way it is

that's just the way it is

... that's just the way it is.



i always do my best to be open and honest
but even then
i know mystery is cultivated

though we're well into March
i open myself to participating in the "Ask Me Anything" month

replies here
and i'll get around to them as i can.