March 11th, 2008

owl -London Vyner

the censorship of Guillermo Habacuc Vargas

Has anyone here heard about this?

navidad the dog.jpg

am i crazy?
or are thousands of hungry (ignored) dogs dying every day around the world?
aren't thousands of hungry (ignored) humans dying every day around the world?
aren't billions of people killing billions of animals every day for a Big Mac?

i'd like to say i'm surprised to see puritan middle americans in costa rica
but i know that most people have never understood "Art"
and choose to only enjoy art when it pleases their eye...

there are many things the world does not want to look at
but because it's some starving dog (dog's are cute!) instead of some fat drunk old homeless man
everyone get's all bent out of shape..

i've already left a comment on this guy's blog
and written both of his gallery's addresses asking to continue to support the artist
is there a way to make an Anti-Petition?

i would just reprint the gallery addresses here
but then i would just be facilitating decisions made in ignorant sloth

if you want to get involved in the issue
go to the link and click around
read what you can (it's mostly in spanish, but there is enough english through the pages to understand what is being said)

and DO something
or ignore it.