February 29th, 2008



of course
i find it fascinating that feelings of gratitude can turn into feelings of burden
so quickly

What A Surprise!

in the moment
not a season in hell
not even
but more than a tea-time
a smoke break

it's like a vacation in hell

have a vacation in hell

all the love pouring at you
-- it's a pain in the ass

you can't receive it and it's like flies around your head

(swat swat swat)

yeah, well, thanks
i love you too

maybe i'll wake up in the morning and feel it again
but right now i want to put myself down on the marble slab
and, with a big marble rolling pin
flatten myself out
kneed for a while, alright
kneed myself
the roll it out again
make sure the lumps are gone
and do something with all this fucking dough...