February 25th, 2008



Find Shelter

I got Noah Georgeson's album "Find Shelter" a few months ago... having been listening to the song for over a year (i had a live performance where he played it with Devendra and the band)
I've been loving the song... and Jorge did too: he decided he wanted to sing it for the Talent/ No Talent show at the Breitenbush faery gathering
so i came up with the idea of taking the Buddha Loops (from FM3's Buddha Machine)
and arranging them into a sort of strange backing track
Jorge isn't really interested in Lyrics, he just likes music
so we decided i would be the one singing, then he would read a poem written for the occasion after
... we used Garage Band (v1.1) on Jorge's Mac, coz i don't have it
and neither of us knew how to operate the program
i generally figure out software quickly and we were able to make this piece in just a few hours
using four loops and a sample from Noah's album

Unkle Markie held my camera (it wasn't the greatest angle)
i said "everything has been altered slightly" and the music started
after i sang, i lay down and Jorge covered me to sleep
his poem started with a "to-do" list i had laying around my apartment
some of the events he read about were about us... some i don't know
he's going to type out his poem, so i'll link to it when he puts it up in his journal
(edit: here it is: http://astromante.livejournal.com/15184.html )

compared to the "gay" things and the "drag" things and the "folk" things
our little piece stood out a bit
someone said it was "very new york" and "abstract"
but it felt good to play in front of people again

the gathering was beautiful and surprising for me... i'll write about it more later

(i've also already uploaded a few other videos from the talent show, go to my youtube account to see them)