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Vertical Prose

Voice Post: 'Dark World' @ 02:37 am

406K 2:05
“We arrived from the hour-long tour of downtown Portland, after being out in the middle of the Forest for many days, off of the freeway the 5, then to the 17 to Ticker Beaverton, to Anywhere U.S.A. where there's Macy's and Marriott and Embassy Suites. The landmark was the Shell gas station across from Taco Bell and we missed out turn looking for the Albertson's, and he said 'It's getting dark...everything's dark...we've arrived in Dark World..." And everything was very dark. The apartment complex we were heading to was called Brightfield. Yeah, somebody else at the Gathering had made a comment about how whenever these subdivisions are created they name the subdivision after whatever it was they destroyed...like Oak Glen or Deer Park...where once deer roamed, now only subdivision lives, and everything else is dead and destroyed. So here we were in Dark World...maybe Dark World once had a beautiful bright field filled with faeries and will-o-wisps in it that were all killed for the ugly, soulless apartment buildings. We arrived into Dark World...the utter desperation and sadness...and Jorge, who had never seen such atrocities, was terrified and started crying. And I said, "Jorge, when we went to the suburbs, this is the fear that was in my heart...I just wanted you to know." But I reveled in it, of course, super evil Dominic came out and enjoyed the super evil desperation of Dark World. Fortunately, we found some friends to cuddle with and wait the night away while our bodies seethed in fear and panic, for having lost Paradise...again. "Just let the life in..."”

Transcribed by: astromante

Voice Post @ 04:11 pm

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“So, something has definitely changed but it hopefully is not permanent. It could just be Mercury yesterday, though yesterday it was officially the end. It does generally take a few weeks for things to get back on normal spin, we could at least but when I flew out of New York beside that been a major pain in the ass. We got stopped for the extra random searching for the 1st time since I returned from Europe in 2003 for attending my 1st 2003 and of course between before that after September 11th I got stopped everything time I was on the plane. Which I assume this is normal but I, I thought maybe my karma had changed or they had just assumed that some innocent bloke, just an innocent hippie and not some weird terrorist or something or maybe it's just in my luck the last few times but, I don't know. Here I am now on the plane Mercury to be in a fact because my plane got switched from Cincinnati(?) now I'm flying to South Lake City. In 42A, that was a very cute big, big, big Jewish(?) looking bear and a in a big white shirt, seems very friendly but he's sitting in 32. So, maybe I'll go after him if I can seat next to him but otherwise I'll just read a book. Anyway, check in later. Bye.”

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the great Salt Lake @ 06:32 pm

mercury isn't with me yet

anyone wanna come hang out with me at the Salt Lake City airport?

oh! @ 06:53 pm

I got on the flight after all...

Vertical Prose