January 31st, 2008


Voice Post

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“Is every night like this and I had a night like this before lugging very heavy things around the neighborhood. I know I had a night where I was carrying heavy bags and a subway train stopped and I had to get off and maybe it's just reading Edmond White's A Boys Own Story but I fell in love, but I fell in love with the same person I fallen in love with before her, reminds me of Adam same kind of round voluptuous(?) body little chin goatie(?) he's wearing a nice flat cap, beautiful piercing eyes that look almost mean and tonight we made eye contact plenty of times and I was scared now we had to change trains I lost him and felt like how often has this happened before and what are the chances that it will happen again cos I had a card ready to hand to him. These fleeting meaningless loves and I when I got of the train I noticed he was right behind me and he turned to go up the elevators. I wanted to walk up the tunnel in turn gave me a smile which was nice.”

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