January 18th, 2008


country of such great need

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“It's Matt, I had a client who was mostly a talking and cuddling and he told me he had been raising horses in Africa, because they were stronger there and certain breed he like. The ones he had in Kentucky were pretty but had a weak heart, not the daverl(?). So while there he realized there were people so needy he had to give the money he earned in the fight. He opened a school house such challenges he talked about you know he's in a place where it's just obvious how need, you know how much need people have, what a great need and I said well, I also administrate people in great need, and right in that phase, people had asked for more food or more housing because there's nothing around, there's no food and shelter around. Everybody has that great need and it's foolish to ask for it. But in this country similarly, everyone has the great need of intimacy, connection reality perhaps love, family community, everyone is starving for him because everyone is starving for him, nobody could ask for it. Everyone is lacking that. Even the people who have more ___ Everyone has got a very low degree here and because it's such a great need, shameful ___”

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*edit* -- that transcription is certainly... poetic.