December 31st, 2007


RE: "Waste"

it all depends on how You define "waste"

i always thought it was very irritating of her to say that to me
and that little sand in my flesh has made a pearl over all these years

when i wrote this entry
it was after seeing "the golden compass"
and that line about how "authority tells people what to do for their own good, and in a kindly way... so they won't hurt themselves"
it started a thought process of agreement that led back to my critical feelings that mass media generally asks people to "waste" their lives
and often expects that
and in that definition of "waste" i mean what's so commonly called "abundance" here in the western world
where everything now is disposable and made to break and be replaced

Make yourself disposable waste!
like the excess packaging on tooth paste, or a TV
like a cell phone or computer that needs to be changed every few years
like a car designed to take up space and resources
and be replaced
excellent at making waste

i imagined being precious
life being precious
everything being precious

and through attention to the details
reverence cultivating the whole world in myself
retained, reflected, and alive

not something to just be thrown away.