December 7th, 2007


sugar and alcohol

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i write this mainly as a reminder
because i always forget
and making a connection between my family's genetic addictions
and emotional destroyed states
so hopefully i won't do this any more

oh, all of you much older than i...
does there come a time in your life when it's easier to make decisions and stick with them?
simple social choices...
or is life always tricky?


"The time of heroes is dead: the christ god has killed it, leaving nothing but weeping martyrs and fear and shame."

someone recently told me that Neil Gaiman had written the screen play for this movie...
i'd seen plenty of adverts for it in the subways
and it looked just like a video game... i wasn't interested
but hearing Gaiman was involved
i felt obligated
so yesterday Jorge and i went along...

i was quite impressed
all i ask for from a movie is that it inspires thought and feeling in me that further my life

it was entertaining
disorienting (watching an entirely CGI movie always is... and i didn't know this was one before i went to see it)

i LOVE Ray Winstone... so that was nice... even though he was transformed into a muscle hunk... he was still hot
(how they transformed the bodies of the actors through age and size was pretty amazing... mmmm, Wiglaf)
what i liked most
were little quotes like the one up top
where Gaiman and Avery (Co-writer and of Pulp Fiction, Killing Zoe, True Romance, et al) stick it to modern culture
and present us with so many other little turns about the nature of the choices we make...

but how do they relate to our world of the here and now?
the biggest curiosity for me i still haven't put my fingers around
so i'd like to see it again..

i'd like to see it again because i've heard they also show it in 3D
and i've not seen a 3D movie in years
and know this would be a lot of fun

Anyone want to go with me sometime soon?
it's showing at Union Square...