November 18th, 2007


Psychic Pollution

... not to nag
but i just wanted to point something out to you

when you hold judgments about people
especially people you love

it does nothing good for them
it actually Harms them

so harboring the beliefs that your father is a callus, unfeeling asshole
or that your lover is old and weak
even if, in a sort, of jest
helps them fulfill that judgement you pass on them
in fact, Asks them to

Worrying, judging
IS a form of loving

but this is where the term "praying"is useful

instead of saying
"my dad is such a prick!"
"i love him but he's going to die a the rate he's going"

sit for a moment
every night

or every time you catch yourself passing judgment

and wish them well
bless them with strength to surmount their challenges

for we all have shit we need to deal with

(variation on a note written to a friend)