November 5th, 2007


to change it

"Glad you're settling in a place you are happy. I need to slow down myself! I set up my lifestyle in a period of wanderlust which lasted about 18 years and now that it's not really what i want it is hard to change it! "

a friend sent me this in a message
and it's exactly how i felt..

even how i feel!
it's been a few years of grinding my heels in the dirt
pulling on the horses reins
lettind the tension out of the sails
... all these rigs i had

of course
that style of living did so many things for me
like an organ
it nourished me and cleansed me

so i'm facing substatial difficulties in all this stillness and STUFF

still, yes, i'm happy
i'm happy to be here
to have my own place
have friends i see continually
all the treasures the grounded take for granted
it is worth the greatest effort.