October 31st, 2007


our life's work

i often carry empty plastic bags in my pockets
i learned this in germany... where they actually charge you more money to give you disposable bags in any store

in NYC
whenever i buy any prepared foods
they give me about 10 napkins each
even though i am beardy
i generally use only one or two

i save the rest
and use them as papertowels in my apartment
(or, perhaps, if i were shitting in the woods)

i re-use cardboard shipping boxes for futon-softeners
or to take my groceries in from the local health-food store (i learned this in SF)

these are some of the tiny things i do in my life to make me feel less like screaming in this insane consumer culture.

i have a new friend
he works in advertising.
he translates ads and writes stories for some company that produce Women's Magazines for our whole nation
or, for the Spanish Speaking aspect of our Nation

he keeps telling me that's he's writing stories about how i live my recyling
and make my own labneh from my kefir cultured milk
Recommending the women readers to Try This At Home

by being witnessed
i'm now affecting hundreds of well-meaning ladies around the country
just by impressing one person

i love this guy.
he's pretty impressive to me.
and he likes this whole Live Journal thing
so he created his own as well

it's been over a month
so there's some stuff there to read

----Beings and Beasts who read my journal
i now present you:
my friend Jorge, or
astromante magic star