June 7th, 2007


remembering that kind of love

Yesterdays Headlines
blown by the wind..

Yesterdays People
end up

-- everything in the mail
i'm trying to have sent
is going to the wrong place

i called
i tried
i spent the time

it went to california
it went to Tennessee

out of my hands

no control

beautiful girl-boy

see some kid in Ottawa
remember Eric

what a reminder

so i look through some pictures
and my heart spills everywhere


i look through the pictures
and the eyes
the cheeks
the nose
the lips
the chest
the shoulders
the neck
the hair
the face
the way he looks at his boy


love love love

a boy a bit more ripe than i
the right time
a moment too late for me
that was a heartbreaker i had to forget
another thing crushing me
crushing me

even now
my face hurts
around my eyes
my chest
my heart

i want to run away
i want to scream at the sky
i want to fight with Odin
and damn Loki

but it does me no good

so i bless them for their love

i'm grateful for their love

loved and loving

good for them

but there are some heartbroken things about me
i need to forget
to keep from tearing the world down


i can't do either.