May 7th, 2007

wood shadow

a good day up in vermont

today i wore blue jeans for the first time in many years... possibly 15.

i own a pair now
i bought them on saturday for 12$
my sole distinction for this pair was
button fly

they also have bell Bottoms

-- i needed work pants

i bought them because they were the only ones button fly's in my range

it's been a long time since i wore Size W32
... i feel like they're girl pants
they way the hug my ass

it's kinda nice too

today i cooked some pasta
with damiana in it

and raw minced garlic

some sea salt

i boiled it to make a mess all over the stove
reduced it

it was good

i also threw some raw olive oil in at the end
(that is an ingredient, not just a functionary to fry the onions)

and garnished it with pesto

periodically through the day
i stopped to photograph things

we find many things interesting to photograph

today we emptied the attic

i even photographed myself in an old house-dress-coat

it was very nice.