April 30th, 2007


50 Words Book

we're in the final stages of compiling the 50 Words book

back in January, Nayland put out this Meme

original post:

and within a few days
we all got together and decided we'd make a book for ourselves

about the book idea:

-- the book will be hosted on Lulu.com
available only to people who's work is IN the book
(if you want to give a copy to someone else then you need to print it for yourself and give it to that person on your own volition)

it's a cute little pocket-sized book of smut
easy to carry with you anywhere...

cover designed by naylandblake
layout by myself
primary text and information gathering by thornyc

-- we need a few more permissions before we'll put the book up for print
(so if you've been sent to this page from my inqueries, please leave your permission in the comments here)