April 20th, 2007

owl -NYC


i've known for a long time how a kiln works
if you open the door when you're firing your pieces
the process doesn't work.

i realize a lot of what i've been posting here has been my standard journaling
which, shince i've been 14, has been about what's going on internally
but when i post here
i'm making all sorts of little edits
and it's fucking up my process

so i'm going to keep the door closed a while
i'm not going to be writing, publicly, about my internal process

like this post

this is the last of this kind.

.. so tehre will be a lot more private posting in here

i'll put up events and where-abouts
and the occasional rambling conversation scraps and ideas


happy saturn return to you all.

(no subject)

i left the big island friday morning
last week

my intention was to move across the island
once i'd finished my month commitment with N&K
and live at another farm
where i would have internet access and electricty

the man who owns that farm wanted to meet me, of course
and doesn't live there full time
because i have an "art opening" in new york
i suggested i fly to meet him on the mainland instead
so i could be there for my opening

the only good flight he could get
was the next morning

so off i went

i spent the weekend in the SF bay area

this man i've met has agreed to mentor me
... i've always wanted a mentor
and i believe he is the right person

per many a friend's suggestion
the relationship is not sex based

he thinks and processes like i do
but he's older
and much better/clearer at it
so he's helping me sort through some of the lies i tell myself
-- i've needed this for a long time
and being in my saturn return as i am
i am ripe for this treatment

(if i continue in this way.. .i'll be blowing around the world for the next 28 years... if i survive that)
so we'vve got some plans in the works for me

as it looks now
i'll be living in Vermont this summer
working on his farm up there

i will visit NYC occasionally...
and the midwest

in the fall
i will return to the farm in hawaii to live for a few years
and go to school

get my self focused!

so there's that
the vaugeries of my plans