February 28th, 2007

owl -Greece

23 - They Understand the Value of Caring

23 – They understand the value of caring

i went to see "the Number 23" tonight
despite Mercury's efforts to prevent it...

when it was over
SoAmI asked me if it lived up to my Expectations

Yes, i said
because i expected it to be exactly what it was:
a "fear" inducing tale to poison the current of 23 with paranoia

but it matters little: it will still serve as a vehicle to draw those already suspicious to the path.

For me
the 23 Current has always been a guiding hand
as i described to Sis today " like the hand of god tapping me on the forehead saying ' Wake Up' "

one useful thing he said in the movie was
"but 23 is just a number and it has no power over me. in the end there are only choices... and you choose to do something ... or choose something else"
which is true

and any person who is on that path
with wisdom
notice that they are spinning off into paranoia
and how that is never a True option
but just a choice
an angle from which to see things.

23 is what told me to get out of the boring life i was brought up to live in
it scared me and confused me
i begged for answers from everyone who directed me to it

but none came.
they would laugh.
read things from books at me. point at signs, cd covers...
it was the gentle nudging of 23 that showed me there was something besides the supposed Chaos i believed in
even if 23 is a current Of Chaos
it is a Current
and a Current is something ordered
even if in and of

though my life
when i KNOW i'm being offered a route back onto a boring mundane path
23 appears everywhere
making me aware
just aware
to make sure i know
that i am making a choice.

so far it has kept me from making that choice.

of course
i view it as a "boring mundane path"
but it is also a path of passion
not the kind you get up and fight for
but the kind you lay down in.

my brother was an atheist/agnostic
and when he entered into the relationship with me
that i was his "spiritual" deacon
he got on that current

it was not my job to say such things to him
but i did perceive (from feeling his emotional mind)
that 23 was warning him that marriage was the end of The Free Wheeling Bob Dylan for him
the end of Frank's Wild Years
the end of Neal and Jack . . .

but he never was any of those anyway
and, in reality, he didn't really want to be them.

he settled on turning 23 into 5
he has other dreams
and he knew, at some level, that sacrificing these wild, free, chaotic stories
he would be able to make something beautiful

he's got a long toil in front of him
and when i think of him, i pray that he continues to build his consciousness
and cultivates magical creation in his life
(5 is also the Hyrophant)

perhaps our relationship will foster that as well

that's what i'm doing as part of the 23rd current
not 23=.666_ as a bad thing
but as much as the great beast, the destroyer as Aleister
an impetus
for those who wish it
to grow legs
step off their train tracks
and discover other ways of moving and being

as a reminder

so i Looked for 23 on the way home
the first time i saw it
i nodded
and the next thing my gaze settled on was "They Understand the Value of Caring"

and i believe They do too.