January 31st, 2007

day of green eyes

the dumbing down of the common people

... and other great conspiracies.

Leo mentioned that never had things been so bad:
the dumbing down of the common man

though i could see his point
i had to argue:

the common man has never been "intelligent"

he lives.

he eats and dies.
he fucks and laughs.
dances. drinks. sorrows.

he lives.
gets wounded.

the great revolution was supposed to bring about a time when all had the luxury to do more than work
to do
other than...

but i don't know if the "common man" ever did.

he says they did
he said they were coming to a point where they all were becoming self aware
until the greater will (what would that be, dear Father?
Christ? the Illuminati? the Politick?)
deemed it counter-profitable to have the common people conscious
thus created a play land for their freedoms
to steer their desires back into stupidity

where once they were all made to think themselves "Slaves" with all the "work" that "Needed" to be done
they were then fooled into believing themselves Free
silly mistake
but the label stays
and now they are all driven to be mindless consumers

so he said

so he said
and i suppose they are still slaves
like i've always said
which is a greater tragedy than the starving days of yore
when they suffered
when they lived

what do they do now?