November 29th, 2006



Two years ago
i took a path more travelled
and i am forever the mired

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an advertisement for my friend's company:
Journey Out
well organized trips for Gay and Lesbian folks all around the world
small groups, all queer. all guides queer.
the tours include the queer things, but also the whole picture.
check it out if you're thinking of a holiday...
one day

meanwhile . . . (fathers)

i'd written my dad asking him for pictures of the wedding
and included the link to my flickr account

my dad's reply:
Nick, I hope you enjoy these pictures.
In the future, Please Don't Send Me Links To Pictures Like The Ones Behind This Reply. DAD

which, i assume, were the pictures of goat and eye leaning on eachother looking out over the valley

It Required All Capital Letters

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Meanwhile... (back in reality) -- RFD

Oh, So
Mish asked me for some help at the RFD office when i got back from NYC
and Nay nudged me a bit
so now i'm the assistant editor

which is really cool
though a bit scary

i'm doing page layout
and have actually redsigned a few pages already
today i'll be creating my first whole page

it goes to the printer on friday
so we've got a lot of work yet to do

but it's exciting to be creating
even though i'm not the hugest fan of RFD
nay said "make it more like what would interest you"

i got my copy of the BUTT BOOK yesterday
and Mish is inspired
he wants it to be more like that


we'll see.