November 6th, 2006


new york

i really liked chicago
for what it was
it was a bit confusing to me
but i liked it

but really
i'm in new york now
and fuck chicago
i love new york.

i always feel like this when i arrive

i rememberd that on the train on the way in from Queens
i always feel like this when i arrive
--- but looking at the other people on the train
this time i realized...

living here wears us down
all of the people are sleeping
they look exhausted

that's what i felt like when i lived here

so i come coasting in
stunned and shivering with excitment
the beauty of this place
there shear amazing fact that it exists at all

a testiment to the artistic brilliance and insanity of humanity
but damn
this place is not a place for living for such folks as me
is it?

that's always the question
where could i live?

to quote David Thewlis in "NAKED"
"there are a million places to go
the question is:
where to stay?"