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Vertical Prose

some favourites @ 08:33 pm

Hello all
i'm in Michigan now
Milford: visiting my brother
i'm preparing for the wedding
and... taking care of some of the stuff i want to be doing for myself
(the peace and quiet that can be stifiling.. but is welcome after NYC)
updating my you tube videos:
(no consequence, of course)

and found another image from Venice i really wanted to post
so edited this entry to put it in:http://waltzingtree.livejournal.com/166151.html
though i'll reproduce it here for you to enjoy:DSC00549.jpg
and my favourite foto i took from my last night in Amsterdam:DSC07974.jpg

'twas a beautiful man from barcelona who spoke no english
and i had a lot of fun communicating with him

the last photo here was taken in early august in Bern Switzerland
it's was one of many
of wine and smoke
taken of dear Leo
-- we were shocked at how the image turned out
a Rembrant, to be sure...DSC05994-Rembrant.jpg

the 2 infra-red images are behind this cut in screen sizeCollapse )

Vertical Prose