April 10th, 2006

out of the forest into the fire

somebody asked me why i travel.

i don't really speak german, no
i learned some words
but would often sit with my friends at dinner parties and everyone would speak german around me
i would sit and listen
then it would switch into english for a while and i would communicate
then it would fall back into german

i could learn if i lived there...

good questions:
my main motovation to travel is just to see how others live

to explore other cultures
and to entertain myself, of course
i learn
but it's also pleasureable and challenging.

i often go places simply because doors open up and i can go there
people invite me
or some thing attracts me to it
sometimes it's because friends want to travel somewhere
so i travel with them

i'm very much out to explore things in a Wandering kind of way
because everything is interesting
and it's all here
so i'm pretty open to things.

destinations are more interesting to me
the more individuality or life they have

right now i'm in Cadiz
exploring andalucia
during Holy Week
strange rituals happening everywhere!
like nothing i've ever seen before

the first time i was in Cologne was for Carneval
just to see how people were acting there:
never seen that where i come from..