February 25th, 2006


travel plans?

someone asked me about this trip
i said:

most of this purposed trip is about places i've never been before
flew into Amsterdam, which i lived in for five months back in 2002
but the rest is all new to me.
a week in Berlin, Prague/Munich, Spain
where Leo returns to the US
and i'll spend a few weeks on my own
then meet up with another friend in Barcelona
and travel to Venice for a week
then Athens for a week
then onto Turkey for a month
a few weeks in Istanbul
and a few weeks ... exploring.

then up to London?
to see Nay's opening there in June
and then find the family i lived with when i was 17 on foreign exchange
... and visit some old friends from those days.

after that i'm not sure
two more months to spend in Germany (berlin/munich -- if i liked them and want to spend more time there-- i Love Germany) or poland or hungry or the Czech republic.. Ireland?
we'll see how it plays out

my return flight is scheduled for September 6th, back to NYC
but i might return earlier if i feel like i should.

as for what's going on with me right now
i wrote most of it out
but it's on my lap top
which is currently charging before i can get it back on line

i'll back date them and post them tonight or tomorrow