February 10th, 2006

blowing in the green

nothing but

" this was a factory
now it's a peaceful oasis "

" this was a discount store
now it's turned into a corn field "

" we used to barbeque
now we just eat nuts and berries "

" and as things fell apart
nobody paid much attention "

" don't leave me standing here
i can't get used to this lifestyle "
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    nothing but flowers - talking heads
half moon


... after the news
Arthur took me to visit a friend of his
who lived on 23rd street
in the housing for the blind

i wasn't keen on the idea
but the third time a joint went around
i had some

in conversation
up came my story of the Peruvian cemetaries
how they were built above ground
if you were wealthy
like a honey comb
little cells

most people couldn't afford to buy
so there was a rent paid on them
sometimes for generations

grand pa
great grand pa

great great great

if you didn't pay
the body was exhumed
and dumped into a large pit in the back

that's where all the bodies that couldn't afford to pay went

Arthur, who
if he had an on-line life
would probably have the handle
he would never pay for such a thing
would want to just be tossed in the pit

my mind burbbled
and i said
' the bargain bin '

a fitting fate for someone in love with 99¢ stores
strong hand

chatchsky? chotsky?

i'm absolutely amazed i could not find this word online
not in dictionaries or through google

is there a standardised spelling for it?

i grew up with a half-polish family
i've always known it: never seen it written

found this in the Yiddish dictionary