January 14th, 2006


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the moon is full

the sun is conjunct venus at 23 degrees
and mars is exactly trine mercury at 15 degrees taurus, capricorn (respectively)

it would be a fabulous time for sex magic.

too bad i'm out of the game
[but thanks for playing!]

and i heard some faeries were coming up here to Easton Mountain for that very thing

smart lads
-- someone's been watching their calendars

i'm sitting by the side lines for a while

just watched a pretentious fucking NYC art film called "heights"
really don't recommend it
-- but it was nice to see Rufus Wainwright in an acting role:
too bad he was type cast
no stretch for him.

well, the whole movie was crap anyway

today i've been very hard edged
but hey
can't please everyone all the time
-- all relationships involve compassion, sacrifice and compromise
but it's important to know the difference between that
and being a schmuck.

my friend Jeff is asleep now
he didn't like the movie
and dozed off a while ago

after it was over
i talked on the phone til my battery died
and now i'm going to go sit in the hot tub

i'm tired
and kinda sore
but i know i'll enjoy the moon

we gotta be good to ourselves
who else can we rely on to be?
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    Don't Forget -- Martha Wainwright
strong hand

(no subject)

A friend called tonight

after watching the crappy movie
after posting that little tid-bit here
i heard my phone ringing
and ran up stairs

i hadn't talked with him in a month
so i had to tell him about the potential bacterial infection
as he asked and asked and asked:
How Was i?


i told him i was feeling a bit embarrased
not ashamed
just kinda goofy

i've got so used to having sex with everyone i meet.
when i see someone beautiful
i don't as much wonder what it would be like
but i go out to make it happen.

... when i have the time
-- this is the ideal
of course it hasn't happened like that
but the potential has always been there

my persona
what i wish to be
sexual always
with everything


but i can't do that now
more so
don't feel like it

and it's very confusing

he told me it's Maturity
and it may be,

it's my conscience
it's my heart, too
i'm tired of skimming the surface
i want to go deeper
and it doesn't only require moving slower
but diving less frequently

it's like re-hauling my speach patterns or something
like a kid sitting down for a few hours for a few weeks
practicing (rejecting and restructuring) his Signature

how am i? who am i?

damn: kid stuff.

but i saw some pictures of Mature Men
(Oscar's picture in bitterlawngnome 's journal, specifically)
that i could feel myself aspiring to
and it made me realize
that i had never seen an image of myself as Mature and Sexy and Healthy and... Alive

what strange things that come in the night

thanks for so many things
and i'm sorry
and thank you
and onward
here i am.