January 1st, 2006


what i forgot

Yay for spending the entire day inside

oh, except for going out for breakfast
but that place is like the dining hall anyway
so it's an annex of the house

whole day inside, yeah

woke up late


standing around in lofts last night
and, damn, it was cold before...

but the straight and the tight and the beautiful
a New York i wouldn't often find myself in
talking about the new movies we're producing
and living in Chile for a month with my new lover, the artist
i only smoke at parties
not in front of my daughter
- you think that'd stop me

- listen to teeth to learn how to quit -


i forgot to type out other lyrics from them
she said

"but half-in-love is not complete
with only heat"

and i know that

there are different kinds of heat
-- i don't like microwaves
it's not about quick (&rough)

did i lose you for a second?

sorry, i should let you in
but i just wanted to say

- swallowing words while giving head -

i've only got to type two more days into the journal from last month
oh damn
it's two months ago now:
time moves so quick sometimes, eh?


i'll have it up and running

when i'm off again
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