December 5th, 2005


here and gone

it wasn't long that i'd been in SF
before i got on the BART

something familiar

instantly obsessed with a large red boy
his big red beard
long copper hair
pulled back
i tried to get him to notice me
but he only glanced...

he was reading a book:
"The Eternity Artifact"
or something like that

i wanted to talk with him..

but it was a long ride out to Martinez..
the train was filled with People
with their iPods, lonely planet guide...

sitting next to a girl ... reading something in "Asian"

the train was empty
and i was behind him
taking pictures...

he turned and asked me where we were...

where were we?
almost to Lafayette, which was all that was important to him..
i could have kissed him
could have rubbed his belly
and licked his apron
the train got there
and the door opened
and he was on his way
-- i watched him walk down the platform
and he never looked back

.. not my fault
but i missed him.

across the platform
on the other track
was a kid

he looked so cold.
very ripped (not cosmetic) jeans
grey hoodie
pulled up
cell phone pressed against ear
fingers in the other
he talked
his thin face
looking desperate
we locked our eyes...

as the train started moving
so sadly
he waved at me
.. i waved back
and blew a kiss.

the world is filled with such lonely people

--- i'm here for ya, kid.
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