November 23rd, 2005


day 15

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i woke
brushed my hair.
got a bit of breakfast; ate my cherimoya.

went out into the city to erase my pictures from the two computers i left stuff on...

the internet cafe across the street wasn't open yet
so i walked the long block up to the other one
... which was in the process of opening

i got on the computer
and found that it re-images it self every time it is restarted
(which is comon at internet cafes... but not all of them)
- so nothing to worry about.

i wrote a few emails.
then went back to the other place.
-- it still wasn't open.

so i went back up to the hotel
and grabbed my back pack.
when i came down the cafe was open...
but some spy ware program had expired and kept the computer completely locked up..
so i rebooted it in safe-mode to by-pass that
got in
and deleted my files

i stood around outside
taking pictures of the new arrivals...
i'm glad it wasn't my group
there were two big Bubbas
with their wives
-- it would have been torture
... i took a few pictures of them
then got on our new bus.

--- we headed out of town.

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we stopped at a few tourist places

an old ornate church

the highest spot in the road (14,000ft)

& more ruins.

i bought a bag at the church for my stuff that i'd left in Palm Springs
my back pack was getting full and i knew i'd need more space to get it back to NYC...

on one of our pee-breaks
i saw another of those Fortune dolls for Nayland in the shop...
Bigger. Better. Cheeper.
his name is Ekecho. 13 soles.

the ruins were once a huge building with pillars and tons of food storage
now mostly destoyed
and eaten by the weather...


this Hotel is nice.
Jim thought we were having an earthquake:
it was just the wind shaking the building
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i talked with Walter about Mongolia a lot at dinner tonight...
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