November 17th, 2005


day 9

woke up around 5 this morning in Lima
tried to get some more journaling done, but it paled agsint the lust machine of bear411 and silverdaddies
i did get the rest of the day 5 photos uploaded
though i haven't yet been able to figure out how to move them to the public html directory...

i wrote half of yesterday's entry
and then had to go
- we left shortly after 7am
everyone is enjoying making a big deal out of my being late all the time...

crumby people...

to the Jorgé Chavez Internationale Aeropuerto again
got more money exchanged
small bills
rolls of soles (40 of 'em)

Flight 023 out of gate 3

we only waited a half hour
-- i was obsessed with a daddy (with this family) who was probably mostly spanish
my god
he was beautiful
i took as many pictures as i could..
he reminded me strongly of Eddie Carreri
-- he'd just be trouble anyway.

then took a bus, piled in, tight
about 100 feet
climbed our stairs
and i drifted a lot
listening to "it´s all gonna break" again, the last track from the new Broken Social Scene album...
"why are you always fucking girls?"
then listened to Compulsion again
looking out the window
astounded by the farmlands on nearly verticle slopes
the lakes
the glaciers
the deserts
what the fuck
this place is amazing..


we landed in cusco
and because they put me in seat 2(L -window)
i was among the first off

walking into the empty baggage claim area
i was assulted from every side by

putting the make on a bit heavy
i felt sleep deprived and headed straight to the toilet with my blinkers on

came out
and noticed a band in "traditional" costumes getting ready to play..

so i just took picturs of the sexy fat and furry tourists
waiting for the rest of the group to show up...

got a shot of homer simpson too..
but he smiled and that kinda ruined the affect.

when we walked outside
a local man jumped infront of us excitedly pretending to take our picture
holding up his finger and exclaiming like he'd got a great shot
stopping all of us
and ... taking our picture

it DID make me feel uncomfortable
he did a good job at reminding.. me at least.

there were about 8 million vendors behind the tour busses
and stray radicals floating around everything
trying to sell paintings and hats and belts
and coco leaves
we all bought some.

our bus driver is named... Guillermo!
a cute little troll he is: i adore him.
stocky little dark skinned fellow with a toothy open smile..

our guide, Walter..
he talks a lot.
has a lot of National (and Personal) Pride.
.. he tends to answer "yes" to lots of my questions
and i've realized he often has no idea what i'm talking about.

we drove up to 12,500 ft immediately
up to the top of Cusco...
the main city of the incas!
pretty fucking amazing

then we headed down towards the Sacred Valley of the Incas...

on the way
we visited a little tiny town
so Walter could show us a bit of how things worked..

people walk around
and if you ttake a picture of them
you owe them money
usually 1 Sol is fine (about $.33)
the first guy we got a picture of was 77
... and looked pretty good in his colourful pointy peruvian hat!

bulls on the roof for good luck
and/or a cross

to hold it up?
god´s handle?

dirt streets
adobe bricks... basically like Cob...

we bought tons of supplies for the school kids tomorrow from a little shop
the kid was shocked: no one ever buys an entire package...

we got back on the bus
and headed down into the valley

1000 year old terraces all over the place
some preserved
some left to the weather
some still farmed
though the current style of farming is like what you'd see everywhere..
blocks of land cut up... but on steep hillsides...

walter explained that all of the ruins here had been invaded and destroyed by the Spanish
and that´s the special thing about Machu Pichu: they never found it... it is the only Incan ruin that was only destroyed by time.

we went above a small town called Pisaq
and i left most of the group
and ran
trying to get to the temple of the sun..

the incans always built sun temples very high in the mountains
calling them "sun-hitching-posts"
maybe that´s where you could get on and go for a ride?

their cross (google it and see if you can find it... pre-christian)
represents the three levels of the world they live in
above... this one.. and below..
of course, if you know how (or are priveledged) you can transverse them.

i tried to run to this sun temple
going on small trails
over tops
asounded by every view
listening to the drums of a festival banging up the hillsides
puffing and nearly falling over
running through a tunnel
over a mountain
to an opening
what was this building?
was that it?
that platform over there?

if i didn't turn around right now i would be late getting back to the group

so i just opened up and felt the.... Time.
the present.

it charged me
and i said i would do my best to bring the good of it into this now...

i ran back
following a low path this time
a sign for the bus...

down through the old terraces

(a woman is yabbering in qechua behind me, nearly crying)

the path went down down..
back up, to the busses
i realized i was at the Peruvian bus stop
totally different tourist trap
but it was about time for me to get back
and i had to hike another 200ft or more back up

by the time i got there
i was totally fucking wrecked
breathing huge
trying to expand my chest as much as i could possibly take it in
and there was a fuzzy version of yerba sante growing here..
i stuffed it in my mouth with more coco leaves hopening it would open my lungs and dialate my vessels..

i collapsed into the bus
and we headed back down into the valley
to a small town

i found so many things i wanted
and spent over $100
about S/403

presents for friends
and two ponchos...

but when i got on the bus
they were all shocked at how much i spent
and walter said i got ripped off bad

i felt terrible about that..
i shoped around
and haggled..
how could i have been so mistaken?

when we got to our posada
i showed walter the ponchos
and he said corrected himself
i actually got a really good deal

i was chuffed

this posada is different than the brazilian pousadas.. which are subsidized by the government..
this one is privately owned
and very fancey looking
but not all that well thought out
and very fucking expensive.

of course.

falling into the room
i felt a huge desire to devour jim's nipples, i had a taste last night and it created a hunger
but we were too tired
we just lay on the bed
then went down for dinner
a meeting first
then, almost to dinner
i got stopped by this American Bear fellow named... Jim.
from Minnessota
his energy was flying
i was almost certain he wanted sex
so i was pretty happy
but i HAD to eat first
he told me to meet him in the bar afterwards

i ate light
on account of the lack of oxygen i was feeling
had some nice vegetables
and ate some alpaca
a bit of desert
quinoa soup

walter asked about my life
was i going to cut my hair and shave my beard here in peru?
everyone was asking him about it...
why did i have long hair?
how did i know Jim?

so i told him.

i love telling people i´m gay with out saying "i´m gay"
my life story just makes it evident.

he stared
got up to get more food

i talked with judy about it a bit
and then took off to the bar.

Jim was buying jewlrey for his daughters
" how many do i have? . . . one, two, three... four. "
and his... Wife.

i sat in the bar a while
the first sip of beer
not great beer
the local bear
.. i felt it burning through me
i tried not to sip much..

he came in
asked me who i was
all about my life
how could i survive looking like that?
with the long hair and beard and facial tatoos?


i told him stories

then he told me some..

he´s about 66 years old, april 2nd
constantly said he didn't have much time left
had never traveled before
and is down here for a week coz he wants to see machu pichu..
then he'll go to cambodia next year to see the "new" ruins that have been uncovered there..
his wife has no interest in this
she prefers europe
and he doesn't travel with her much...

he'd worked as some kind of administrator at a college in MN so his kids could go there free of tuition
for 18 years

grew up a farmer.

left the college job to do a similar thing in the state-run zoo
though he didn't like zoos.. and had never been to one before in his life.

worked there four years before being fired/quit

then started a general contracting company
specializing in building McDonald's and Wendey's buildings

so he's hot
but EVIL!


i asked my self if i DID want to have sex with this guy..
what did i want from it?
what did i want to do?

nothing really
i didn't feel it.

i haven't been really horny here
it's strange
i don't know how to describe it

sex is floating around in my mind like it always does
but the act of it is not really appealing right now..

and i even tested the waters..
telling him i would go back to his room with him and give him a massage..
but he said No..

so i guess he didn't want that.
just wanted to talk

and i'm glad i had the conversation
til late into the night

the moon was astounding.

i went back to our room
got my massage oil
and went to Regina's room
and gave her some massage and reiki stuff
she was SO tight..
but i was glad to do it

then went down stairs again
to watch the moon
and write it all down..