November 12th, 2005


day 4

... it's about 18:15 now, raining

went to sleep last night about 8, i guess.
fell asleep pretty easy -- & slept well.
[thunder rolling through the sky]
woke about 7 or so today...
stretched a bit . .
felt the soreness in my shoulders from two days ago.
legs from the cliff side.
but the morning was beautiful...
as i lay in bed turning over & over
i kept hearing the things hitting the roof
& thought it was rain.
but it wasn't, still clear skies...
some clouds...

Breakfast --
i ate the rest of the Medjool Dates i brought from California..
havine one to give to Ary...
explaining to him that it was like a banana of the desert
from a palm.
--he liked it...
but who wouldn't like a medjool date?

---&There were GOOD omletes!

Regina, from Ronkokomo, does NOT eat Eggs.
poor girl...
she explained - her mother was an Orthodox Jew, Father a very poor German

bland foods.

We said GoodBye to the Noisy, but Beautiful, Parrots
... vulchers roosting on the roof of the bird house...
-- put our stuff in the boat --
then walked across land to the YanaMono Clinic
started by an American woman, Dr. Linnea Smith
though she was back in the USA learning some new medical advancement at the time we were there...
She came here as a tourist back in '90 and decided working here was more important than anything she was doing in Wisconsin...

nice of her
but this clinic was Aleopathic, western medicine
though, talking with the other doctor who was there ( a local man who's family lived in Iquitos)
it sounded like they still used SOME of the plants
the example he gave, oddly enough, was how they used Ayahuasca to help cure people of parasites in the intestines...
he told us it was very infrequent that they treated malaria
and then
it was mostly hunters and fishers who were out after dark, spending a lot of time still in the jungle
.. i figured, from the statistics he gave, that we had less than a 3% chance of getting malaria while we were there..
now if the book had said that i wouldn't have worried about it at all!

On the walk out to the clinic
we passed by quite a few cow-dung heaps
with many mushrooms growing out of them

at one point, Ary stopped us and asked me to explain to the group what these were used for
i told them it was used for unifying the consciousness of groups of people
like an entire tribe
or tribunal of shamans
Judy (CO) asked if it Really did that - or i just THOUGHT it did
-- i related the story of Tucson with Syzygy & Scott Webel
[basically, i imagined i was controling Syzygy with my mind, but also believed it was just a hallucination.. and Scott, who had not consumed any mushrooms, stopped me by telling me i "should go play puppets" with myself - terrorfied me not only for that one instance, but of the many others i'd had and Not had a 'control' person be able to verify what i was doing from the outside -- i was 20 at the time]
... Later i told her the nature of mushrooms (rhizome connection, one being; dissolving everything back into primal nature) and Monotheism (everything is just one thing anyway, awareness of that allows consciousness as that)
Ary told her not to listen to me
and i made a show of grabbing two of the largest caps and sticking them in my pocket

i ate one

Ary told me they were much stronger than anything i'd get in the US
... but he's a Nationalist
.. i hardly felt anything..
...but enough to know that right now was NOT a good time to have a mushroom trip.
i threw the other overboard on the boat trip up the Napo River.

The Dolfins run here
they don't come up to the boat to say Hello
they don't follow and play
-- all the animals in the jungle are hunted and eaten by the people that live out here
and, just like almost everywhere else on the planet, the people are multiplying like crazy
so the animals everywhere are terrified of humans
-- the tourism people are trying to stop the people out here from doing that
so that the tourists actually have something to see..

there are two types of dolfins in the amazon
pink and grey... fresh water dolfins!

- the first spanish explorers called the amazon "el Rio Mar"
the River-Sea
coz it's So Huge.
& like the sea
wind & storms
very deep...

i sat up front this time
& rode out the mushroom
stuffy nose, slightly giddy
nothing Really Happening though...
just a higher degree of self consciousness
-- but i do understand now the mushrooms i saw in Brazil last year
- these are not Psylacibie Qubensis ... it's something else
& i remember someone at Wolf Creek having brought some back for Beltane once..
explaing "amazonian witches mushrooms"
-- something else.


(arrived at the NapoLodge)

when i got off the boat at the lodge
walked up the planks onto the land
i was greeted by a strange black chicken thing (Ary called him Raul)
who ran right up to me
and started pecking at my shoes and legs kinds playfully
he wouldn't let me pet him
but he danced around me...

The lodge here is similar to the other one
Nice Long Walkways...

i took a NAP.
Jim takes naps a lot...
this trip is very healing
all the oxygen in the jungle...
& all the Naps.

Rest: i need it.

when i woke
i walked over to the dining hall to get lunch
but it wasn't ready yet
... out side
i ran into a large rodent thing
Ary called him Charlie
... apparently it's a Capivara
the largest Rodent on earth!
Nayland had just showed me one of these in the Natural History Museum a few weeks ago..
he was kinda cute
he really liked being pet, though
he made little happy squeeling/yippy noises when i pet him

thick brown fur, sparsely on the body...
big tri-tipped feet.

we had a lunch of pineapple chicken
palm heart salad
olive tamari rice
i had Two servings of chicken
then came here to sleep again!

Woke just in time
for our canopy walk..
groggy, i forgot the camera...
only noticed about 10 minutes into the walk when i saw Dietmar taking a picture of a tree...
& I Wanted Pictures Of This!
so i bolted back

running through the jungle IS GREAT!
so much oxygen & moisture in the air
- no asthmatic feelings at all
... my lungs often get dry and arid feeling when i run..

but there were quite a few turns on the trail
i did my best to remember where the turns were
up to this point they had all been right turns (but not at every branch...)
so at the lodge
i walked to catch my breath
then ran back along the trail
following the rights...
when i got to the point i'd left the group at
i started walking again
to breathe...
and to watch

next turn... i took a right
walked fast
called out " HOLA! "

... no reply
walked faster

called again
heard a response
- i was on the right trail! -
so i ran...
& caught up.

[had dinner, back at 21:45]

sweating profusely
we stood around
so i could catch my breath
but really
Ary was showing the group where the Army Ants lived
smashing up their house in the roots of a big tree to get them all to run out
amazing everyone at their population

we took a left at the next branch
and a right back up the hill
a small short cut
(i'm glad i got back when i did)

ary showed us the special palms in the forest that they used to make the rooves
Lapido Cardium

a special oil in the leaves
great protection from rain... and decay
they only need to change them every 8 years or so...
-- these palms only grow around here, he said...

and then we were there at the Canopy Tower
the exit tower, we were doing it backwards.

the walks and platforms were hoisted to the trees with steel cables
the trees supported by steel cabels connected to the earth somewhere
... the idea came from a man in Borneo who had visited
had built a few there and thought it would be good here
only one other in the world, in Costa Rica...( or guatemala?)
they thought it would be great for scientific study... but it's beautiful for Tourists too

only 3 people on the planks at a time
(aluminum ladders with wood boards on top,
ropes through the rungs;
dacron nets along the sides up to rope hand rails hanging off the steel cables.)
& 4 people allowed on a platform
( : wooden tree-house type areas high up in the threes...
suspended by steel cables connected to the trees with padding, trees supported from falling by steel cabels connected to the ground)
so we went in teams of 4
-- dietmar, elizabeth, judy & pancho went first.
then the accountant & his wife & kid
then Jim, Judy, Christine & Regina
-- Ary and i stayed back to wait for the Noisy Americans to get far ahead...

.we talked about yoga & martial arts
-- he was impressed by my streatching... & he has studied various Martial arts most of his life
-- he's a black belt in a few of them...
.spiritual healers & brazil
-- he was interested to hear about John of God and told me about someone he'd heard about...
.traveling & our work
--he's travelled a lot as well in his day: his wife is american
--and he was curious of my way of... Living

... while the musquitos gathered..
then he let me go...
always allowing me plenty of time to just watch & soak up the beauty
... the green.

while i stopped to feel the energy of the trees up there
i was amazed to see ants all of the way at the top of the trees...
but i guess that's part of their work...
the vistas that went on forever
from up there..
it kinda looked like the grasslands of Kansas
.. it was beautiful.

the view, the trees, all the green
so healing in so many ways
... but i was taking too long
everyone started calling up to me
afraid we'd get caught in the dark

but the trip back was just over a half hour at the longest
and we had over an hour and a quarter left before Night
so.. i took my time.

& lagged behind them on th eway back to take pictures
.. til it got too dark to take the pictures without a flash
-- the forest getting dark much quicker than the sky
( i did not figure that well into my calculations )
...& the clouds were getting heavy too
( i could see them comming in from the canopy... from the boat right out here too
i'd been watching them all day... wondering if they'd blow through or... stay a while )

Large things started falling from the forest ceiling...
walking so far behind the group
i couldn't hear their noise...
i got a bit spooked at the crashing sounds
looking for large animals... or monsters

i ran to catch up
& walked the last five minutes back to the logdge
at the front of the group

when we got out; back to the resort
i played with the strange chicken/birds: "Raul" & his mate...

just as i'd finished taking pictures of them
it started to lightly rain
-- as i walked back to the room
the rain turned to a downpour.

i took off my pants & shoes,
put away the camera...
& walked out into the rain...
for about 45 minutes or so...
letting the rain drench my shirt & boxers...
letting it wash all the sweat off'
cool me down.

i wrote for a while, naked in my bed
then changed into my loose billowing cotton pants & army shirt (with all the pockets)
& went to have dinner...
hot chocolate first
... then More!
& purple corn & prune jelly/pudding
with pineapple
then spaghetti alfredo with mushrooms
rice with salsa
cat fish in tomato sauce
cooked whole tomato
green beans
some cauliflowers & salad...
drank a cup of coco tea...
talking with E&D about Tucson
then A&J&P about martial arts & dancing;
then a toilet break
and back to talk with Jim & R about Polotics...
drank a bit of absinth
... then came back to the room to write!

rain still falling

i gotta pee again
... then sleep.

[ i've had the songs "kerosene hat" & "communist's daughter" in my head today... as well as "fade into you" and "knuckle too far" since i left... i sang them in the rain. ]