November 8th, 2005


a little bit more than play

sex should be fun
but a bit more than Play

so often
sex is a way of getting to know someone
and once i've gotten to know them enough
the desire
shall we say
has worn off?

sex is a nourishment
and many are starving
but sometimes it's not enough
-- and there are different flavors

in NYC i eat italian for the spice, really
but i could stand a steady diet of episcopal cuddling.

what's the wish, then?

there's a passing on of knowledge..
there's the ReCreation of the world
of eachother

it should be more than a few minutes
one passive
one active

it should be a dynamic dance

sex is not something to base a relationship on
but it is certainly something to follow...
if it calls you

i love the sweat
the rush and push

that man.. that Teacher for Oakland

i could imagine that going on forever!

but there are other feelings
of desperation

not so good

but what was the good?

the chance meeting
the brushing of skin and fur
and the immediate stiffening and firing

like that.

what more?

i still imagine it could be used to focus and attain everything

well... in part...
one day

morning was better

i had a very good morning

i didn't wake up early
and was a bit wobbly still from the hang over
not so graceful
bumping into walls a bit
after enough water
Jim and i headed off to the mountain
and hiked..

for about four hours.

i got a bit of a tan
and a slight buzz in my legs...

Jim was wobbly by the end of it
-- but we were working stuff out.

i took lots of pictures
to get up High.

i can't believe i'm going to Peru.

-- the day had conversations
and lots of stories..
some repeats.

lunch with Frank Martin
-- he posted the pics i gave him on his website

if i could be so prolific!

i thought of so many things i wanted to write about

i don't remember
gambling with age?


i'm tired now
and have no idea how i'll leave everything behind..

but i will.

it was a good day
good massage
good cuddling
(thanks guys)

good stories
it's always pretty amazing
the mass of people's lives
from how long ago

never enough time
and me to go around.