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Vertical Prose

something about chaos @ 02:30 am

it's about Kanye West breaking the rules
risking to express his point

it's michael moore
and people looting...
and looking for food

it's survival...

it's knocking people out of a life of luxurious wasting
into bare survial..

making people step up
the life flowing up into their eyes...

or out into the streets, or waters...

i don't hold that every life should be saved, etc, etc...

so much more worthy to be alive fully

i'm sorry

but i'm not sorry
i've always been a purponent of Life
regardless of how painful it is

but here i am Phonenix now... choking on all the waste i see here

but it's Nice
and it's nice as long as it needs to be

i'm glad there's just an example
a chance

something precious in these people's lives...
something, somehow, they're sharing.

Vertical Prose