August 9th, 2005



Eating is Fun!

[ i just came off a three day fast .. yesterday ]

nothing like eating nothing to make everything taste amazing...

the coconut!
the Kitchari!
but, by nature of Kitchari.. it was just stubtly wonderful...
nothing shocking... just really nice...
got me high..
as it always does

then carnitas tacos in kelseyville!
and dark Chocolate (and green Tea!) Gelato!
a bite of Turtle!


a heavy meal of salad
potatoes (rosemary!)

almond cake and lady fingers and splenda ben&jerry's chocolate ice cream and chocolate frosting and raw chocolate nibs and

Eating is FUN!

but DAMN
it's heavy
[slam me down back in my body]

i couldn't really sleep...

or is it that i'm traveling to day?

eventually i gave up trying
(i'd close my eyes and just dream... )
i opened my eyes and stared at the stars...
put on my glasses to see better
took out my camera to try and photograph the stars
cuddled and talked with Leo

made Tea

came to journal

the sun hasn't risen...
but i have

Good Morning.