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Vertical Prose

ommitted details @ 11:38 am

Sheridan has repeatedly mentioned this, so i thought i would back-date this
... to be fair. (posted July 3rd, 2007)

your account of the last time we saw each other broke my heart a little and made
me really question your clarity and honesty. on your blog, i consider
your omissions of details occurring at that time to be a Lie at
worst, a Manipulation at best. you knew we weren't into meth or any
drugs other than just being big time stoners. you also knew that joel
had just lost his job, we suddenly were putting our house on the real
estate market and joel's best friend had been arrested for "abusing"
his wife, a mentally disturbed woman in late stages of MS. those
three events occurred two days before your arrival, and because of
all that, i told you we couldn't host you.

somehow, you decided to disregard all of that information when you
explained your version of what went on.

-- my reasoning for throwing this information out the window, as i told her, was because nothing that was going on would justify how they treated me. Nothing.

even she forgot the detail here: she didn't tell me they couldn't host me
Joel called me and i never heard another word from her until i got there.

how i got to portland @ 12:23 pm

Current Music: fresh pot coffe house music

i've arrived in portland.

here are a few notes from the last week:
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Psycho Bitch / Crack Head @ 08:37 pm

Different than i expected...

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Vertical Prose