July 23rd, 2005


which way the door swings

i arrived home last night

it's been a nice little adventure.

i'll talk about it more...
tonight maybe?
i didn't use my time last night wisely
and never got around to writing.

but i'll tell the tale sometime soon.

just a bit of schedule:
i'm back in NYC now.
have a desire to go up to MA again...
just bought a plane ticket for Portland Oregon:
i've gotta get "my stuff" from an old friend's house
she's selling it and doesn't want to move it...

so changed my plans
flying to portland instead of SF
then driving/riding down to the hermitage
meet up with Leo and N there
to spend a week on the mountain...

then over to the midwest for the rest of the month!

i won't even be back here until the end of August...