June 8th, 2005

wiped out

fly paper


i woke at 7 am
my body flocked with flies...

i'm not usually bothered by them this much
they've filled up the apartment
leaving little brown dots
even on my computer

they don't bite (are they?)
just just fly around, crawl on me
woke me up too early

when i first got here
looking through the stuff
i found some Fly Paper
and looked at B
we laughed
"whatever, gross!"

we threw it out.

this morning
at seven a.m.
i went out into the neighborhood
to find some

it didn't take too long
and i didn't need the bag
i bough three packages (that's 15 tubes)
carried them proudly through the streets back home
and immediately set them up in each room of the house

of course
as of yet
they are still naked:

and the flies are on me
(i taste so much better)
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