May 2nd, 2005

very much vine

post Beltane

it'd been raining here for most of the week
they said
but Beltane
it cleared
sun shone down
and though Goat's side of the mountain is more shaded and cool
the Knoll was WARM
i stripped off all my clothes immediately
and circled around

the ritual
the focus
the intention:

i always crave more integrity
to stand tall and strong
the flow of life coursing through me most


but not feeling horny
the beautiful men everywhere
just the cuddling
the hugging
the kissing
the loving
cock didn't care

the sun played over all the skin
-- i did get to take some pictures

and the day wore on
i put my pink dress on for a bit
didn't button it
hung open

put my green suit and layers back on
some dancing around the fire
some eating chocolate chips

the boys are not dependable
they are carried away by lusts
or by sleep
after i've massaged them
before i get to lick all the tender furry parts

wind blowing through the trees
sky opened up
stars winking down

i'm happy
it's what i wanted
and needed
got a ride back already on friday
so nothing to worry about

(well, a ride to philly... some massage clients there, some friends... back to NYC a few days later, no prob...)

happy to be home
to be going home
to be home
from home to home

i'm moving around in a cloud
just a bit of bliss to drink in
fill me up for tomorrow