April 11th, 2005

through the trees

Hey baby...


i've had a lot to say
i've just been falling through the city
earth's spinning faster than my feet
running circles like a cartoon road runner
feet not touching the ground
but working hard

spinning faster
i'll hit the ground soon
and amble on

but currently
tired boy
just got back from the hamptons

where's my baby?
doesn't pic up the phone

i know you'll be back in just a few days
i'm tired of this
it's so much nicer to sleep with a bud...

hello all
-- i'll back date a bunch of the fragments i've been working on over the last week/+
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    Lover's Spit - Leslie Feist with Broken Social Scene - Beehives
through the trees


Today is a day i try to give myself Peace
don't work myself up over things
spend time alone

the door is shut
i didn't go to sleep early last night
didn't wake up too late today
but have done very little
but walk up on the roof
let my robe flap open
take in a bit of sun and wind:
beautiful day

must focus on updating my journal, not just what comes through the downloading program
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    Marketfresh -Broken Social Scene-Beehives