March 30th, 2005


morning masturbation

slept well
nice firm bed
here at the Northern Hotel
Billings Montana

i opened up the blinds
let the light stream in
city in a basin
empty streets
the quiet
-- i need to get out and walk around

but it was hard to get out of bed
eventually i started messing with my new phone again
which led one thing to another

Technology gets me hard

in my morning masturbation
i held in my cum as i usually do

but then went directly to take a shower
and had a bladder full of piss...
while i waited for the water to warm up through those old pipes
i pissed a great arch up over my belly
-- it was so high
it reached my mouth
i took a sip from the bubbler
and was surprised
: it tasted like cum.

Hmmmm, interesting

i showered
but hated the soap here so much
i only used a little of it
enjoyed the water for a while, though
then dried myself off...
i noticed i had cum in my hair on my belly, my bush
golly, i had it all over me!
pulling out little gelly-clumps...
i'd precum a bit.. but...
not THAT much

i lifted my foot to dry it
cum stuck between the toes
i'd not cum in a few days
but i held it in!

New Discovery:
when i "hold it in"
it must go from my balls up into my bladder
where, i guess, it can be re-absorbed into my body as best it can...
perhaps it goes back up into the kidney's to nourish the Jing?
i dunno
old Yoga Science...
learn something new every day