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Vertical Prose

it's raining in san francisco @ 08:49 am

... but everything has been pretty good for a send-off
so far.

i'm off for breakfast
seeing a friend
then he's driving me to the airport...

i'll write on the plane
and post upon arrival..
or oppurtunity

Taking offs... @ 04:45 pm

Current Music: leisure suite-Feist-Let It Die

sitting in the airport


i'll talk about today:

on no, i can't really do that til i give the whole context
so i'll just make a small note:

i got to the air port with less than an hour for my departure time
huffing and puffing
feeling good
i got to the gate (9)
sat down
and they announced that the flight would be 2 hours late

sitting here
answered all the comments i'd not had time to answer the last few days

yeah, waiting
i'll be landing in NYC at 2:30
mercury retrograde
dancing on the 23rd

it's been raining here for days
(weeks? months?)
it's been snowing in NYC that long

(will i be able to land when we fly there?)

today it was sunny for my leaving
and now
it is Snowing in NY
so i've got on some layers
did i pack my hat?
got long hair
late night
knock on the door
"there's music on clinton street all through the evnings"

Vertical Prose