March 17th, 2005

half moon

Get a'movin'on

i've left the Hermitage

i was trying to kinda keep it under wraps
but i never asked anyone for secrecy
so it got out on a friend's journal
and, Yeah
i'm moving to NYC on the 23rd.

it's just after the equinox
and mercury will be retrograde in Aries
and the moon is waxing, nearly full

i packed a bunch of stuff into
my back-pack
a huge suit-case i took from Y
and a duffel bag i took from my father

mailed a large box of books (and my essential oils) to NYC already
media mail
we should arrive around the same time.

i land at about 11:30 in JFK on Jet Blue

i'm anxious
but not in a bad way

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i'm very grateful that the world has given me NYC to gestate in for my saturn return
a place of real grounding and structure, yes...

i may live in this house a long time
or only months til i find my own place
but i am very happy it is here
Thank You, Thank You
i'm on my way.
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