February 24th, 2005

another alien

sing yr song

last night i went out after writing and played with a guy in the south bay...

a big round chef

so sad.

his partner makes him feel bad for being fat
-- he's really big and round
but sexy!
you know the kind... like the chefs in "in the night kitchen"
but no stache...
he's afraid of his beard coz it's white...
he's 38

fun to play with
but sad.

the whole story?
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he drove me back up
and dropped me off in the castro
i saw the poster for the porn i am in

it was very quiet..
i walked back to Tiffany Manor

but had been back only a short while when the telephone rang
and it was a massage client
i weighed my desires
(don't usually like to go out to give a masage after 10)
but i've not been going to sleep til four anyway
So i got in a Taxi..

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i got back to the house at near 2 AM
had a great little russian cab driver
i wanted to invite him over.. but he had two hours left to drive...

i slept pretty well
once i put myself to bed at 4
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only to be stirred awake by the phone again
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then i went to see my friend redfurrybear
sat and had long conversations over hot chocolate and Tea
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no matter what yr talent
no matter what your ambition
charging your life with desires
burns you out unless you have copious love and ∞
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