February 23rd, 2005

standing in the blue

out of league

i feel like i should write more context
but just this thought:

i've gathered so much mysticsm in my travels and imaginings
that i have put myself out of people's touch


my high standards of dreaming
makes it hard for me to be held by those with simpler dreams...

this is the way it's always been?

where are my peers?

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    Speed Trials-Elliott Smith-Either/Or
wiped out

catching up to now

Well, now that i said something
it reminds me
i'd really like to journal the last few days

but i have this one song on repeat
and don't want to be sitting here for an hour

Collapse )
well, here we are
i'll put it all behind a cut coz everyone's been asking me to do that when i meet them in person
apparently i am the friend's-list monster
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    Speed Trials-Elliott Smith-Either/Or